Degrassi invades MTV's TRL

Tyrone Warner,

When four Degrassi cast members visited the set of MTV’s “Total Request Live” last week, the crowd of rapturous fans could hardly contain their excitement.

One fan in New York, Alyssa, wept with anticipation. The die-hard was clad in an endless supply of Degrassi paraphernalia, including home-made Degrassi earrings.

Others crowded onto the street outside the TRL studio in Times Square, holding up signs and wearing shirts emblazoned with the maple leaf.

Shane Kippel (Spinner), Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), Cassie Steele (Manny) and Shenae Grimes (Darcy) entered the studio to the sounds of “Lip Gloss,” which was drowned out by the screaming fans.

The segment, which taped last Tuesday and aired the following Thursday, was hosted by VJ Damien Fahey.

The cast kicked off their appearance by introducing each other and giving out some little-known facts and on-set gossip.

Aubrey revealed that he shares a dressing room with Shane and that the actor “looks good with his shirt off.”

Shane returned the favour by saying Aubrey is known for his singing and “will serenade” people to make them feel better.

Shenae, clad in a black baby-doll dress and matching tights played up Cassie’s vocal talent as well, saying she “has one of the most beautiful voices in the world.”

When describing Shenae, Cassie said she has “the largest shoe collection I had ever seen in my life.”

In the following segment, Damien asked the cast if their high school experience was anything like their characters’ experience on the show.

While Cassie sympathized with Manny being shot down by an older guy, Shane said that he only really had one thing in common with his Degrassi alter-ego.

“Everyone would yell ‘Spinner’ all the time,” he laughed.

Later, the cast faced a wall of high school lockers which contained audience member questions.

Aubrey recalled a tour story with hip-hop artist Ne-Yo, while Shane talked about how he wanted to start a band.

When Shanae was asked about what clique she was a part of in high school, she said that she spent the first couple years in the popular crowd. But after switching schools, she “fell down the totem pole.”

The cast’s appearance on TRL finished up with a fan being brought in from off the street to get autographs (in makeup) across her face.

The seventh season of Degrassi kicks off this fall. It airs in Canada on CTV and on The N in the U.S.


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