Caitlin is back on 'Degrassi'

Caitlin Ryan is back on “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” and she’s up to no good.

Played by Stacie Mistysyn, Caitlin is one of the show’s most favourite recurring characters, with a history on both the new “Degrassi” and the original series.

“It’s like a whole world you are coming back to, that you’ve been away from for a while,” says Mistysyn during an interview with eTalk.

When Caitlin returns in season seven, she’s promoting a new movie about environmental awareness, the latest stage in her ongoing journalism career.

She’s invited to do a Q and A at a local school, when she gets herself into trouble after being caught in a steamy make out session with Ellie’s boyfriend, Jesse.

Mistysyn relished the opportunity to turn up the heat on the show, saying “It’s interesting, because we don’t usually see that side of Caitlin.”

The makeout scene also shows off a different side of Jesse, played by Steve Belford.

“Not only is there only a kiss, but there is a disrobing of my shirt as well,” laughs Belford.

Mistysyn has also been enjoying the role of celebrity DJ recently, performing with her “Degrassi” co-star Amanda Stepto (“Spike”) and spinning 80’s tunes at the Annex Wreck room in Toronto.

Mistysyn and Stepto are also reportedly working on a new series together entitled “OverXposed.”

The seventh season of “Degrassi: The Next Generation” airs Monday nights at 7:30 pm on CTV.


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