Special 2 part Degrassi "Spring Break" episode "Bust a Move and Bust a Move Part 2

As Canadian students celebrate March Break this month, Degrassi goes all out on the road!

From a sex tape to a keg party and a random makeout session, Degrassi students close their textbooks and take a Spring Break road trip.

“Bust a Move,” the two-part special episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation, airing Monday, March 31 at 7:30 p.m. ET and Monday, April 7 at 7:30 p.m. ET on CTV, guest-stars Canadian icon Shirley Douglas as the head of Smithdale’s theatre department, while Jake Epstein returns for a special appearance.

In “Bust a Move, Part 1”, Manny and Jay’s faux-mance is working perfectly. She’s having fun, but the engagement thing is getting old – maybe they should “break it off” after the road trip to Smithdale College.

Meanwhile, en route to a concert at Smithdale, Spinner and Jimmy’s car breaks down, so they stop by Jay’s to ask for his help only to discover a weeping Jay and a DVD labelled “Manny’s audition.” When they play it, Jay realizes he’s made a terrible mistake and knows he must follow Manny and switch the DVDs.

Also, Darcy’s parents are at their wits end with her erratic behaviour and inform her she’ll be spending her spring break at an intense week of Brat Camp, coming to terms with some of her issues. Darcy’s horrified at the prospect, but Peter’s determined to make sure she doesn’t have to go alone.

In “Bust a Move, Part 2”, Manny’s post-secondary future is in jeopardy after she discovers that her university demo reel is actually a sex tape that she and Jay made.

By the time Jay catches up to her with the correct DVD, it’s too late. Manny’s already bombed her audition for Smithdale Drama School, so she throws away their fake engagement ring and tells Jay to get out of her life for good.

While everyone else enjoys their road trip adventure, Jay spends his time hatching a plan to get Manny into her program by finessing Professor Iris Dunwoody (Shirley Douglas).

Meanwhile, Peter and Darcy quickly discover that it’s anything but fun and games at Brat Camp, though Darcy discovers an inner strength she never knew she had.


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