'Degrassi' fav resurrected by Justin Hines

‘Degrassi’ fav resurrected by Justin Hines


Singer-songwriter Justin Hines is bringing back a song that marked a tragedy in the world of “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”

With the release of his new album, “Chasing Silver,” Justin Hines will be releasing the song “Say What You Will” as his first single from the record.

The song was originally featured in the “Degrassi” episode “The Bitterest Pill,” during J.T.’s memorial and performed by Damhnait Doyle.

J.T. Yorke, played by Ryan Cooley, had a complicated life on “Degrassi,” from siring a child with Liberty van Zant to entertaining his classmates as the school mascot.

But it was in season six that J.T. was unceremoniously murdered by a couple of punks from Lakeview high.

Hines, who was born with a rare joint condition known as Larsen Syndrome, is currently on tour supporting his new record.

“Chasing Silver” is officially released nationwide on June 2. More details are available on http://www.justinhines.com/.


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