Drake and More Booked For MMVAs; Rest of Degrassi Cast Expected to Be an Eensy Bit Jealous

Drake and More Booked For MMVAs; Rest of Degrassi Cast Expected to Be an Eensy Bit Jealous

Leah Collins

Published: Thursday, June 18, 2009

You can add a member of the Degrassi cast to the MMVA guestlist — but this one also raps! Really well! Drake will walk the red carpet and serve as a presenter at this weekend’s trophy blitz, broadcast live Sunday, June 21. We’re skeptical that the rising star’s “just-friends” girlfriend Rihanna will be spied sneaking in any back entrances in the vicinity of Queen and John St., but there are two additional bold-faced names who’ve just been confirmed for this year’s show. Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush, will be working for his plus-one by pulling red carpet duty, and Girlicious — performers at last year’s MMVAs — will dole out an award.

Drake’s already been popping up in our Google News alerts today, though. The rapper, whose single “Best I Ever Had” has been gaining ground on the US Billboard Hot 100 is getting the video treatment — courtesy of Kanye West.

In an interview with MTV News, Drake explained that he’d originally wanted to do an “epic sort-of-intimate video” for his “for the ladies” jam, until West came up with a better idea while the two were in studio one night.

According to MTV News, the video — which was shot in a Brookyln High School gym — features (shades of Jimmy Brooks!) a basketball theme, with “Team Drake” facing off against Team Girl. Um, that is, a team of girls. Most likely really hot ones.

“Some of us younger men, we refer to our affiliation with women like a roster,” Drake told MTV, in reference to the concept. “You have key women in your life when you’re single and doing your thing.”

As for how West, who blogged about Drake’s interview today, became involved:

“‘Ye … it oozes out of him, creativity .. he was just being creative Kanye, like, spewing out ideas, and the day after, I texted my manager — we have the same manager — and was like ‘Yo, Kanye’s idea was actually the best out of all of them, see if he’ll do the video.'”

“I don’t know if at that point he knew he was gonna be directing the video,” Drake told MTV. “It was more an idea like, ‘It’ll be funny if we do this.’ Then it turned into ‘Let’s do this.'”


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