DeGrassi: All Too Much Kicks Sneak Peek

The classic teen show from the 80s DeGrassi is getting a new spin off. TeenNick has already seen many new seasons and classes live the show, but the new edition called DeGrassi: All Too Much kicks off this spring. A whole new group of kids come in and brings new set of dramas to the show. You can find a promotional video for it down below, which gives you a sneak peek at the new series.

I am not crazy about how they carried on this show for as long as they did. It just seems so futile and adds nothing. The original series was supposed to teach lessons, but the reboot seems to keep kids filled with drama. I am not sure how they can even consider this show to be related to the original from the 80s. It really has nothing to do with that edition and that makes me sad. I am sure they could come up with a way to redo the series and make it fit the original show description much better.

However, I guess they feel that this new series will fit much better well with the audience.
How do you feel about a whole new generation of Degrassi coming in? It makes me sad to see how it all turned out and become so far away from what the show was originally supposed to be about. But things do happen and reboots are the current trend. I personally would love to see the original cast from the series do a reunion movie about their own kids attending the school. Now that would make sense, and give kids today what they want. Or at least I feel as if that makes a good idea for the show to return to its roots.


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