Le Gourmand (Pat and Steph's)

42 Ste Anne
Pointe-Claire, QC H9S4P8
Phone: (514) 695-9077

See also Pointe Claire Village, French

This restaurant, almost ambiguous, is in a 150-year-old stone house in scenic Pointe Claire Village. The 2 storey, renovated blacksmith’s home has a rustic, cozy atmosphere that makes you want to curl up by the fire, which they have two of during the frigid season. In the warm season, customers can also eat outside in the quaint garden terrace.

Le Gourmand’s customers are drawn in by the food as well as the decor. At first glance, the menu offers myriad culinary delights: poached salmon this and bocconcini that. Everything looks good. The owner agrees, then proudly recommends the Noble’Est Rack of Lamb of Quebec and the Cashew Chicken, which was, according to the owner, recently review by Elle Quebec. As proof, a laminated magazine clipping hanging on the oak wall.

This restaurant has a great reputation with tourists, the business community and, of course, the locals.

Reviewed by Mark


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