Au Messob D'Or (closed, reported May 2007)

5690 Monkland Ave
Montreal, QC H4A 1E4
Phone: (514) 488-8620

See Monkland Village, Ethiopian, Vegetarian Friendly

A hidden gem, tucked in the basement among the hustle and bustle of the Monkland Village in NDG. Since 1992, the popular Restaurant Au Messob d’Or serves up traidtional Ethiopian fare. With a vast array of traditional Ethiopian dishes served in the heart of Montreal’s West End district, this well-known restaurant is one of only a handful restaurants in the city that specialize in authentic Ethiopian delicacies that taste as exotic as they sound.

They serve a variety of vegetarian dishes as well. All of their dishes are served as small entrees served on sourdough bread, known as injera. There is no need for cutlery, as diners break pieces of the injera and eat their meals with the bread. Injera is a thin sourdough bread, served on a large platter and all of the dishes are spread artfully onto the bread.

Au Messob d’Or offers diners dishes like Kitfo (beef marinated in butter, cardamom and strong cayenne pepper sauce), Gommen (sauted spinach with onion and garlic), Yedoro wat (a spicy chicken dish served on special occasions with onion, red peppers and Ethiopian spices) and Key wat (tenderized beef marinated in a red pepper or berbere sauce). Many of the dishes resemble Indian cuisine.

Decorated with numerous Ethiopian motifs imported direct from Africa, Au Messob d’Or is a hidden treasure of gold just waiting to be discovered.

Reviewed by Mark


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