Picks of the Week (October 30, 1998)

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Picks of the Week (October 30, 1998)

For various reasons — timely, informative, wacky, you name it — the following Canadian sites are listed here because we think they’re worth a look. If you know of any others, please send us a
note about them, and we welcome your general
thoughts and suggestions about Picks.
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Totally TV

What’s your favorite thing to do when you get home from work? How do you pass the time if the weather is particularly miserable, or when your computer has broken down? Did you say, “Watch TV?” Join the club. If you read
last week’s picks, you know that we spend way too much time in front of the boob tube. But this time, we’re going to let you in on some of the greatest sites based on TV shows, personalities and stations.

We know you had a hard time admitting your loyalty to Beverly Hills, 90210. We know you cried during My So-Called Life, whether you want to admit it or not. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape the ratings juggernaut that is Dawson’s Creek. So admit your habit, oh secretive one, and purge your soul over at Dawson’s Wrap. We know you’re asking, “What the heck is that?” We’ll let them tell you: “[Dawson’s Wrap is] your one-stop shop for smarmy episode recaps and fan discussion.” Wasn’t that easy? Check out the Latest Wrap for the most recent and deliciously well-written episode synopsis, complete with biting sarcasm, fashion critiques and vivid imagery. Have you missed an episode? Get on over to Older Wraps for all archived wraps, plus a bonus article about the perils of expanding your cable package. After you read the wrap, head to Dawson’s Forums to discuss most things Dawson-like. Do you think Dawson’s head looks like a cereal box? Does Jennifer have a pigface? Will Joey ever learn how to smile like a normal human being? Talk with other Dawsonites about these and finer points in life but don’t forget to shower the wrappers — who are also forum regulars — with your love and adoration. Can you hear that Paula Cole song in your head? Sure, you can!

One of the most creative and hilarious shows in television history would have to be Kids in the Hall, and any Canadian worth his or her salt would agree. Our favorite kid would have to be North Bay native Scott Thompson, best known for his portrayal of Queen Elizabeth and bar boy Buddy Cole. If you agree — or even if you don’t — we demand that you visit ScottLand, Thompson’s official web site. ScottLand entered cyberspace in October of 1995 and life online hasn’t been the same since. Best described as one huge online party, ScottLand is ruled by a mock Canadian government made up of users, volunteers and webmasters. The coolest part is how the “citizens” and Scott create the content together. For example, if you go to Bottoms Up, you’ll find one of the most extensive chat areas we’ve ever seen. Bottoms Up has many a forum to fill with your thoughts. If you want to talk about relationships and more, try Chattercubes. Tell others about who you idolize and where else you go on the web in Lid Lounges, show everyone that you’re a poet and you know it by posting your creative dribblings in the Coaster Club or test your improvisational skills in the Rim Room. Once you’re done chatting, go to the Amphitheatre to submit a topic for debate, such as the nature of celebrating Christmas, in the Lecture Hall. And while you’re there, check out a RealAudio clip of Scott’s performance during GayDay at Toronto’s Paramount Canada’s Wonderland. Want more Scott? View his home movies in Bijou. Want to wear Scott? Stop in at Shoppers World where you can get official ScottLand T-shirts made by Roots, or sell your own unwanteds. There’s so much to see and do that we can’t squeeze it all into one tiny paragraph, so drop what you’re doing right now and follow that bolded link to get the full ScottLand experience. You’ll be glad you did.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you probably know that 24-hour music videofest MuchMusic wasn’t meeting the needs of the out-of-adolescence crowd, thus began MuchMoreMusic. Now you can get all you need to know online at the MuchMoreMusic web site. Countdown will tell you the top 30 videos of the week and give you links to the artist’s web sites, plus a handy-dandy little form to tell the big programming cheeses what you want to see. Check Programming to learn about M3 shows like Speakeasy, an hour long interview segment hosted by former The New Music correspondent Jana Lynn White, or view the Schedule Grid to find out what’s playing when. Also, peruse MMM Specials for shows you don’t see every day, such as Behind The Music, a one-hour documentary about the artists behind the music. If you want to know more about performers you adore, click Artists to see a different musical icon dissected every week, plus a broadcast schedule so you don’t miss a spotlight on your favorites. But our preferred hangout is definitely Play This!, which offers you games such as MuchMoreTrivia. Play your cards right and you can win prizes, too. Now isn’t that reason enough to like Celine Dion?

If you don’t know Tom Green, you must not have a TV. This Ottawa comedian is known for pulling such pranks as painting his parents’ house plaid, dressing in scuba gear for a trip to the local mall, and building a theme park in Mexico. Are you intrigued? Then inform yourself at www.tomgreen.com. One of the best ways to gain full knowledge of the Tom Green phenomenon is via Articles, which archives stories from across the nation. Or, you can browse through the fan sites under Other Sites. But the most fun on The Official Tom Green Show Website is in two places: The Band, where you can download RealAudio and RealVideo clips of Tom and his band Humplik playing live, and Software, which include such must-haves as Screen Saver 1.0 and Fat Test 1.0. Not enough? Then go to More Stuff, which features Hump and Harv’s movie reviews, Games and a Shockwave animation of show contributor Glenn’s moving face. Now, just be careful with that can of shaving cream and remember — it’s all fun and games until someone starts playing with a dead cow.

Who could forget the cornerstone of teen programming, the Degrassi series? Degrassi was around waaay before the Dawson’s crew was accepted to acting school. In fact, we’d bet they know every episode of the high school years like the backs of their hands. For someone else who knows the ins and outs of the Degrassi days, take a gander at The Unofficial Degrassi Website. Want to find photos of the cast throughout the life of each character, famous show quotes or books from the series? Then this is the place to be. Have a look at Some Little Known Degrassi Facts, where you’ll learn inside stories about the series and its contributors. For example, did you know that when PBS aired an episode on abortion the public TV broadcaster found it so controversial that it changed the opening? Bet you didn’t. To find out where they are now, read up on your favorite Degrassi stars in Degrassi Cast Interviews. Get the coveted lyrics to the Zit Remedy’s famous song in Degrassi Lyrics and Songs and don’t forget to test your show know-how in Degrassi Trivia. Did we mention we particularly enjoyed My Degrassi Pilgrimage, where the webmaster documents his trip down Degrassi memory lane with a journal and a pictorial? Well, now we did!

We hope these sites make your viewing experience that much more pleasurable. Now, if you’ll excuse us, Teletubbies is on!

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