'Jonovision' star in car crash

‘Jonovision’ star in car crash

Jonathon Torrens, star of CBC’s “Jonovision”, is recuperating from a car accident.

Torrens and three other people were injured in a six-car pileup on Highway 101 outside Halifax, The Halifax Daily News reports.

Torrens is now recovering from surgery. His injuries aren’t expected to delay “Jonovision”.

“We’re in repeats right now and probably won’t go back into production for a couple of months,” Jan Oddie, a CBC spokeswoman, said.

In addition to hosting the teen talk show, Torrens also appears as Dr. Tony Moressa on CBC’s TV drama “Pit Pony”. His episodes were filmed last year so the accident won’t affect the show.

Torrens works in Toronto but vacations in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley.


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