Life's a bitch for a former child celebrity: Part 1,375

Life’s a bitch for a former child celebrity: Part 1,375 [from Frank Magazine]
Whatever became of my old friend Marsha Ferguson?

Longtime fans Degrassi Street may recall Marsha as member of the cast of the popular t.v. program.

More recently, she was director of the swell daycare centre at 401 Richmond aka, the premier arts address in Toronto-Studio 123 and all that jazz.

Black, lesbian and personable, Marsha won over the daycare’s board of directors with a terrific interview and last year she became the centre’s supervisor.

But the centre suffered a setback around Christmas when Marsha announced that she had to take an extended leave of absence. This left many parents in the lurch, as the daycare is a small operation which feels the pinch when anyone takes even a day off.

Apparently, Marsha’s lover had left her and she needed to take the hiatus. Days stretched into weeks and while she was away, the centre bookkeeper discovered that thousands of dollars were unaccounted for.

No one is suggesting that Marsha had anything to do with the missing funds, nor should they. But I understand that Marsha never returned to the daycare, which didn’t bother to pursue the matter any further because the legals costs weren’t worth it.

All in all, sounds like a great script for the new Degrassi series.


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