Chez Cora

Chez Cora/Cora’s
6250 blvd. Cousineau
St-Hubert, QC

Several locations across Quebec & Ontario, including:

Locations in Quebec

Locations in the GTA

4120 Dixie Road,
(905) 624-1297

Unit 13, 16655 Yonge St.,
(905) 954-1317

277 Wellington St., West (at Blue Jays Way)
(416) 598-2672

See also South Shore, DowntownOld Montreal, Breakfast/Lunch

My dad & I went for brunch on Boxing Day 2004, and he actually chose the spot. I was quite impressed; I would not expect him to choose a restaurant like this. Ive been to Chez Cora in a few other spots in Montral before, like on Peel St. and in Old Montreal, and have always enjoyed my experiences.

In Montral, you have a choice of smoking vs. non-smoking, & as my fathers a smoker, he was happy that such a choice exists.

We walked in at the right time; within seconds there was a lineup out the door behind us. We were seated and got our coffees quickly. This place was mighty busy, as reflected in the volume coming from conversations throughout the restaurant. The dining area is open concept (what is the point then of differentiating smoking vs. non I dont know), and is family friendly. Although the menus are in French, our friendly waitress Mado was bilingual, and able to answer our questions when my French failed me.

The restaurant is fully licensed (beer with your bagel anyone?), and specializes in breakfast and brunch. They serve all the standards like eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes & things like that, and after 11 they start to serve more savoury items like burgers alongside the breakfasts. They are most known for the massive portions of nicely presented fresh fruit that accompany most meals here, my meal having been one of them, (my father’s was not), as well as the always generous portions.

My father is not a frequent brunch goer, so he wanted a standard breakfast style meal. He ordered Eggs Maurice, $6.95 which is as close as one will get to a traditional breakfast here. His meal included 2 eggs, which he asked for over easy, sausages, potatoes, toast & baked beans. He initially said his eggs were perfect, and later changed his verdict to underdone. Ill have to take his word for that as I do not eat eggs. We were both somewhat surprised by the fact that his sausages were actually hot dogs!?! How weird is that? The menu said saucisse fume which technically is the direct translation of a hot dog, but still it seemed odd. At least it was a jumbo. We asked the waitress to explain & oddly enough, Eggs Maurice happened to be the only meal on the menu that had hot dogs instead of a regular breakfast sausage. Oh well, it tasted fine. It was odd, but live & learn.

My meal on the other hand more closely resembled a typical Cora breakfast. My meal was called Sarrasin de Galette $8.95. This meal included 3 sausages (standard breakfast ones this time) wrapped in buckwheat crepes, topped with melted cheddar both inside & outside the crepe with mixed fruit on the side. My mountain of fresh fruit included watermelon, grapes, pears, apples, oranges pineapple, & kiwi all decoratively carved & was quite the impressive display. I was able to get them to omit the bananas no problem 

My food was quite good, and the portion was so big I needed to take some of it to go. My dad gave a mixed review to the potatoes, but was very impressed with the baked beans, said they tasted homemade. I tried some they really were good! He said the beans were the best thing on the plate & his plate was so big, he couldnt finish his meal either.
His one comment was everything is very good, but I didnt expect hot dogs. Id have to agree with him on that.

All in all, this was a positive dining experience & Ive been here before & will definitely be going back many more times. Ive not yet been to any Toronto locations, however Im interested to try them out soon.

Reviewed by Wendy


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