Buffet Maharajah

1481 Ren-Lvesque Blvd. West

See also Shaughnessey Village, East Indian

Lets start with the good. The service is speedy, friendly & attentive in this Montreal institution. People know where this place is & seem to like it as it was packed. Maybe only with tourists, but then how would I know. I really appreciated how well the staff worked together as a team to ensure customer satisfaction. Kudos to the staff

Since when are french fries, onion rings & crepes part of Indian cuisine? This is news to me The food by & large tends to stick mostly to bland & mediocre offerings, lots of deep fried possibilities, though there were certainly some tasty dishes included in the mix. The samosas were the only spicy thing I ate, & they were good, along with the pakoras, regardless of how untraditional they were. Perhaps Im spoiled by living nearby a neighbourhood called Little India in Toronto, but really this isnt a place to go if you want really good Indian food that wont give you indigestion.

Reviewed by Wendy


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