Degrassi in Kenya' Humanitarian Documentary Airs Tonight

‘Degrassi in Kenya’ Humanitarian Documentary Airs Tonight

Written By: Alyssa Luckhurst

(andPOP) – In August, cast members of Degrassi: The Next Generation traveled to Kenya for two weeks to build
an addition to the Motony Primary School. Their inspiring venture was filmed and will air tonight at 7 p.m. on MTV.

Nina Dobrev (Mia), Marc Donato (Derek), Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny), Jamie Johnston (Peter), Jake Epstein (Craig), Charlotte Arnold (Holly J) and Raymond Ablack (Sav) not only built the structure from scratch but also took part in many day-to-day activities with community members. Some of them paid for the trip out of their own pocket.

The cast also got to interact with Masai warriors while building the school, which is now considered a Degrassi sister school.


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