Rapper Drake Falls Down, Heeb Magazine There to Pick Him Up

Rapper Drake collapsed the other night on stage when his knee gave out while performing alongside Lil Wayne and the Young Money Crew in Camden, New Jersey. The mother of the hot Jewish ex-Degrassi: The Next Generation actor (Bar Mitzvah stories in the video below) could only say “told you so” since her super star son ignored the doctors advice to stay off his knee after tearing a ligament playing basketball. Now Drake can spend the rest of the summer plotting to fulfill his dream of being in a Judd Apatow movie while lying flat on his back in Toronto.

Hey Drake, dont be down even if Judd wont return your calls, Heeb always will. You might never get a chance to share the screen with Jason Segal and Jonah Hill, but at least you can join them inside the pages of Heeb Magazine.


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