256 St Viateur W
Montreal, QC H2V1X9
Phone: (514) 274-7828

See also Mile End, Greek

Arahova Souvlaki serves up Greek specialities like Souvlaki, chicken, pork, or beef dishes garnished with Arahova’s famous tzatziki sauce, served as a brochette or wrapped in pita. This famous tzatziki can be purchased at most grocery stores in Montreal.

Arahova Souvlaki also offers a wide array of other Greek dishes like moussaka (eggplant pie with beef or lamb topped with bechamel sauce- vegetarian version available), gyros, pikilia (plate of appetizers) and baklava.

Prices are affordable. Guests can enjoy a trio (souvlaki, fries and a drink for under $10.) Open late. Many locations in the Montreal area.

Reviewed by Mark


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